Young Persons Development Coaching

OMG CBA: Get motivated, but don’t let on!

I have a structured but flexible format that helps those in Year 9 and above:

Teenage motivation coaching by Karen Perkins Sheffield
  • Allow themselves to be motivated without letting on
  • Get a grip on the stress and challenges around today of juggling exams, coursework, social life, Facebook etc
  • Find out what can motivate them to choose a particular job, or career path
  • Maximise exam success
  • Increase employability
  • De-stress
  • Get a healthy school-life balance
  • Have fun !

This coaching is designed to support and complement any existing work being provided by schools, tutors or careers advisors. I can also offer Associate Careers advisors who can provide in depth private careers guidance to support your young person to look at all the options. I also have links with a range of Tutors.

The key is to get at what motivates and drives someone.

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Confidentiality is key to this approach, but sessions are held with a parent present at home but not in the room! The young person controls all their own notes and records.

As a registered coach I adhere to a Code of Ethics, and the initial coaching agreement sets out the boundaries of the coaching, and what would happen if something was disclosed.

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Coaching throughout the UK and worldwide via Skype